About Us

Welcome in

Hi, we’re Coffee & Bible Time. We’re thrilled to meet you.

We may run a business, but we’re a family first!

Coffee & Bible Time is driven by faith, family, and a powerful commitment to community. We’re passionate, genuine, and curious – and we love welcoming new friends into our family as brothers and sisters in Christ.

A little about us

We’re a family of believers, seekers, and community-minded Christians. We’re passionate about sharing stories, sparking inspiration, and welcoming new friends into our world.

Did you know…

YouTube is where Coffee and Bible Time started.

Grab your coffee, a cozy blanket, and Bible, and soak up some inspiration from our Christian-focused videos. You are always welcome here. We want you to feel loved & come to know how much God loves you, therefore, being able to teach others about that glorious love too.