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  • Strengthen Your Faith Through Psalms

    Strengthen Your Faith Through Psalms

    Have you ever wondered how ancient Scriptures can support modern mental health? In our latest podcast episode, we dive into this profound topic with Rachel Schlesinger, who shares her transformative journey of reading one Psalm a day—a practice she began in 2013. Rachel takes us through the profound impact of these sacred texts on her…

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  • Reignite Your Spiritual Passion

    Reignite Your Spiritual Passion

    Are you feeling spiritually worn out? In a world that often demands our constant attention and energy, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our faith. The latest episode of the Coffee and Bible Time podcast dives deep into this very issue. In this episode, Taylor shares her deeply personal journey of faith burnout during her…

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  • Mentorship

    The Heart of Mentoring

    Have you ever felt God calling you to mentorship? Learn more about the life-changing power of authentic mentorship by joining our enriching conversation with Nancy Lindgren, the inspiring author of “Mentoring Made Real: The Power of Authentic Connection” and founder of More Mentoring. Nancy’s journey from a young mother desperate for guidance to a beacon…

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  • Breaking Free from Societal Pressure Blog

    Breaking Free From Societal Pressure

    In a society that often dictates our worth based on accomplishments and status, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of expectations, losing sight of our intrinsic value in Christ. This podcast episode featuring Becky Beresford, author and speaker, presents an alternative narrative—one of empowerment rooted not in self, but in God. Becky…

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  • Overcoming Negative Thinking with Scripture w/ Natalie Abbott

    Memorizing God’s Promises

    In the latest episode of the Coffee and Bible Time podcast, we are introduced to the compelling insights of Natalie Abbott, co-author of “Dwell Differently: Overcome Negative Thinking with the Simple Practice of Memorizing God’s Truth.” The episode delves into the concept of “negative superhighways,” the ingrained negative thought patterns that dominate our minds and…

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  • Loving Adoptees Well

    Weaving Love into Adoption

    The podcast episode featuring Dr. Laurel Shaler is a compelling exploration into the transformative power of love within the adoption process. By employing the renowned framework of the Five Love Languages, Dr. Shaler provides adoptive parents with the tools necessary to cultivate deep, enduring bonds with their children. The episode thoughtfully dissects the multifaceted nature…

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  • Finding Purpose in the Waiting

    Finding Purpose in the Waiting

    In a world that constantly urges us to look forward to the next big thing, Ruth Chou Simons invites us to pause and find joy in the now. On our recent podcast episode, Ruth, an artist, author, and mother of six, offers insights into how we can cultivate contentment and hope even when the future…

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