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  • Strengthen Your Faith Through Psalms

    Strengthen Your Faith Through Psalms

    Have you ever wondered how ancient Scriptures can support modern mental health? In our latest podcast episode, we dive into this profound topic with Rachel Schlesinger, who shares her transformative journey of reading one Psalm a day—a practice she began in 2013. Rachel takes us through the profound impact of these sacred texts on her…

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  • Harnessing the Power of Scripture in Praying for Children: A Comprehensive Guide

    Understanding the Weight of Parenting Parenting is a profound responsibility entrusted to us by God, not just to raise children but to shape their eternal souls. The task is immense, often overwhelming, especially when it comes to prayer. Knowing what and how to pray effectively can be challenging, particularly in guiding a child through life’s…

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  • Stress-Free Holidays 101: Practical Strategies to Overcome Seasonal Stressors

    Welcome to another episode of the Coffee and Bible Time podcast with Ellen (Mentor Mama) and our special guest, Ashley. Today, we’re tackling the unique challenges faced by Christian women during the holiday season. The holidays, though filled with gratitude and celebration, can also bring specific concerns and pressures, making it both exciting and anxiety-inducing.…

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  • First Year of Marriage Insights – How we Overcame a Hard Year

    Hey everyone, it’s Ash, and I’m here with Johnny from Coffee and Bible Time. We’re excited to spill the beans on our first year of marriage, give you insights, and answer some of your juiciest questions from Instagram. From communication hurdles to at-home date nights and thoughts on expanding our family, we’re diving into it…

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  • Journey to Bethlehem Movie

    Journey to Bethlehem: The Newest Christmas Classic Contender!

    Introduction: The new musical movie, Journey to Bethlehem, which is set to hit theaters on November 10, 2023, is destined to be the newest Christmas classic contender. Co-writer of the movie, Nikki Anders, an award-winning recording artist, and songwriter, shares with us more about how the greatest story ever comes alive and the importance of…

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  • The Shame that Makes you Hide

    Do you have a memory of a particularly painful or embarrassing sin that haunts you? Or maybe there is a sin that you are currently battling but cannot seem to get over. In either case, you find yourself unable to share your struggle or pain because you are so ashamed of the secrets that you…

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  • Satan is the Father of Lies

    My Mom and I love to go on walks and usually we go several times a day. And I have to say, I find her to be rather comical when it comes to her fear of snakes… Any time I even slightly make a sudden move she always presumes the object in my way to…

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