Finding Purpose in the Waiting

Finding Purpose in the Waiting

In a world that constantly urges us to look forward to the next big thing, Ruth Chou Simons invites us to pause and find joy in the now. On our recent podcast episode, Ruth, an artist, author, and mother of six, offers insights into how we can cultivate contentment and hope even when the future seems uncertain. The concept of “Now and Not Yet” is central to her message, which encourages listeners to embrace the current chapter of their lives as part of God’s intentional plan for growth and fulfillment.

Ruth speaks to the restlessness many of us feel, a yearning for the elusive ‘good life.’ She points out that this restlessness often stems from a forgetfulness of where our true rest is found—in God. Rather than seeking temporary solutions to quell discomfort, Ruth suggests that transformative potential lies in embracing our ‘right now.’ It’s about shifting focus from the pursuit of temporary fixes to finding eternal solace in Christ.

The impact of social media and the digital age on our sense of fulfillment cannot be ignored. Ruth discusses the dangers of comparison and living vicariously through others online, which can lead to missing out on our own lives. By acknowledging present difficulties and employing practical tools for self-assessment, we can realign our perception of God with His true character.

For mothers navigating the stormy seas of parenting, Ruth’s conversation is an anchor, reminding us that growth often happens in unseen moments. She celebrates the notion that no effort to honor God is wasted, even when done in the simplest of manners or with limited time. This message is a source of solace for those enduring prolonged difficult seasons and emphasizes the importance of perseverance.

Finding peace and hope in Christ amidst life’s challenges is possible. Ruth reassures us that our struggles are part of a larger narrative where God makes everything right. She encourages us to seek a heart change over a change in circumstances, trusting in God’s purpose for our lives.

Ruth also shares her artistic endeavors, including a journaling Bible that intertwines Scripture with her beautiful artwork. She reveals her favorite Bible study tools and discusses the benefits of journaling Bibles, serving as a chronicle of one’s spiritual journey. These resources, including various apps for audio Bible listening and immersive experiences, are treasures for those seeking to enrich their faith walk.

In her newly released book, “Now and Not Yet,” Ruth provides a beacon of hope, urging readers to perceive God’s presence in the here and now. The episode concludes with gratitude for Ruth’s insights, highlighting the potential of her work to encourage readers to persevere through difficult times with faith.

As we journey through life’s ebbs and flows, Ruth Chou Simons reminds us that there is beauty and purpose in every moment. By anchoring ourselves in hope and embracing the lessons of the unseen, we open ourselves to the joy and rest that come from an unwavering hope in Christ. This episode not only refreshes the soul but also reorients the heart towards the steadfast love and promises of Christ, a message that resonates deeply in a world filled with transient desires and relentless pursuit.

Ruth’s Book & Recommended Resources!

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