Harnessing the Power of Scripture in Praying for Children: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Weight of Parenting Parenting is a profound responsibility entrusted to us by God, not just to raise children but to shape their eternal souls. The task is immense, often overwhelming, especially when it comes to prayer. Knowing what and how to pray effectively can be challenging, particularly in guiding a child through life’s complexities.

Introducing Podcast Guest: Sharon Jaynes

Sharon Jaynes, author of over 50 books, including “Praying for Your Child from Head to Toe,” shares insights on purposeful and effective prayer for every aspect of a child’s life that you can put into immediate action.

The Inspiration Behind Writing the Book 

Sharon’s journey into writing about praying for children began with a previous book, “Praying for your Husband from Head to Toe,” which sparked a flood of requests from readers yearning to pray similarly for their children. Her interactions with friends and being around young children again propelled her to pen this invaluable resource.

The Challenges of Parental Concerns in Modern Times

Sharon highlights the evolving concerns of modern-day parents, encompassing issues like school shootings, the weight of peer pressure magnified by social media, exposure to undesirable influences through technology, and the growing burden on parents to monitor and protect their children in an increasingly complex world.

Understanding the Spiritual Battle for Children 

Emphasizing the spiritual nature of the battle parents face in safeguarding their children, Sharon underscores the need to fight this battle with spiritual weapons—primarily through praying scriptural prayers.

The Unique Method: Praying from Head to Toe             

Sharon’s distinctive method involves 16 “landmarks” to guide comprehensive prayers for children. Each stage addresses a specific aspect, moving from head to toe, covering thoughts, actions, influences, and protection.

The Essence of Each Landmark in Prayer

  • Mind: Praying for the child’s thought patterns and renewing their mind.
  • Eyes: Focusing prayers on what the child sees and gazes upon.
  • Ears: Praying for discernment in what the child listens to and who they heed.
  • Mouth: Praying for the child’s spoken words, acknowledging the parental influence.
  • Listen to the podcast episode for 12 more landmarks and the full conversation with Sharon!

Encouragement from Scripture             

Sharon provides assurance to parents by drawing parallels from biblical figures like Joseph, David, and others who faced monumental struggles but emerged stronger, emphasizing how struggles contribute to spiritual growth.

Relinquishing Control and Trusting God’s Plan

She addresses the apprehensions parents might have about praying scripted prayers, assuring them that praying God’s Word isn’t about control but about releasing control and trusting God’s plan for their children.

Staying Focused and Finding Comfort in Prayer

Sharon suggests using this prayer method as a way to remain focused during prayer sessions, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and lead them through specific areas of concern or need.

Encouragement for Parents

Encouraging parents to hold onto hope and faith even in the midst of difficulties, Sharon highlights the transformative power of struggles and the importance of continually lifting prayers for children, even when immediate changes aren’t evident.

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