Our Quiet Time Routines!

This is probably one of my favorite blog posts I am going to upload- why? Because learning about other people’s quiet time routines is one of my favorite things EVER! Hearing what other people do when they have time alone with God always seems to inspire me to change things up in my routine or try out a new method for a day!

In this blog post Ashley and I (Taylor), are going to be sharing our morning quiet time routines. Now if you haven’t seen our video upload on our Coffee and Bible Time youtube channel, I will leave the link here so you can watch my sister and I swap quiet time routines!

Now onto the quiet time routines! Let’s start with mine shall we?

Taylor’s Quiet Time Routine

  1. Journal: journal about what is weighing on your heart, or simply the thoughts that are running across your mind. Journal about the day before and how you felt about what happened and how you want today to be. Ask God to help you choose JOY and positivity for the day.
  2. Bible Reading: read one chapter in a book of your book of choice (with the intent of reading through the entire book (no hopping around from book to book)). I am currently reading through Acts, and I am reading one chapter a day until I finish the book.
  3. Commentary: when I am finished reading I will pick up my commentary and read through the summary that a theologian wrote out. This helps me to go more in- depth and I cannot imagine my quiet time without it now! Here is the commentary that I use.

Here is Ashley’s Quiet Time Routine

  1. Sit, rest, and pray in silence until you feel ready to move on. Let any thoughts come to mind and pray through them
  2. Read Psalm 119:1-8. Read multiple times.
  3. Meditate on Psalm 119:1.
  4. Pray Psalm 119:1 – Journal a prayer to God.
  5. *Optional* Paint and listen to worship music or go on a prayer/meditation/memorization walk.
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