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Deepen Your Friendship with Jesus

Discover the transformative power of Jesus’s friendship with Amy Boucher-Pye, acclaimed author of “Transforming Love.”

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Coffee and Bible Time | 5/9/2024

Discover the transformative power of Jesus’s love with Amy Boucher-Pye, acclaimed author of “Transforming Love,” as she joins us to delve into the depths of His profound relationships with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

Imagine a bond with Christ as tangible as the friendship shared by these Biblical siblings. Throughout our conversation, Amy imparts how we can cultivate this intimate connection in our own spiritual walks, highlighting the role of the Holy Spirit and daily spiritual practices. Her insights offer a path to experiencing Jesus’s presence in a way that strengthens our relationship with Him.

This episode promises to guide you toward a more profound and personal connection with Jesus, transforming your prayer life and daily walk with Him.

Amy’s Book &  Favorites:
Book: Transforming Love
Bible: NIV Bible Speaks Today
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