Stress-Free Holidays 101: Practical Strategies to Overcome Seasonal Stressors

Welcome to another episode of the Coffee and Bible Time podcast with Ellen (Mentor Mama) and our special guest, Ashley. Today, we’re tackling the unique challenges faced by Christian women during the holiday season.

The holidays, though filled with gratitude and celebration, can also bring specific concerns and pressures, making it both exciting and anxiety-inducing. Join us as we dive into these challenges and offer guidance on navigating them.

Balancing Family Expectations

One common challenge is balancing family expectations, especially for young adults starting their own traditions. Hosting gatherings can be overwhelming, but Ashley suggests prioritizing what truly matters. For her, a Christ-centered holiday with loved ones takes precedence over perfection. Setting realistic goals and communicating openly with family helps manage expectations.

Dealing with Loneliness

Loneliness during the holidays, whether due to distance or personal circumstances, is another concern. Ashley shares her experience and emphasizes acknowledging and accepting these feelings. Connecting with the church family can combat loneliness, encouraging individuals to reach out for support during festive seasons.

Financial Stress

Financial stress often accompanies holidays with the costs of hosting, gifting, and decorating. Ashley advises setting a budget, getting creative with handmade gifts, and exploring cost-effective options. Communicating with guests about contributing to meals also eases the financial burden of hosting.

Time Management

Managing time during the holiday rush can be overwhelming. Planning ahead and maintaining a schedule can alleviate stress. Ellen and Ashley highlight the importance of calendars, checklists, and intentional preparation to avoid last-minute chaos.

Social Pressures

Navigating social pressures, both on social media and in-person events, can be challenging. Ashley encourages honesty about feelings and setting boundaries to prioritize well-being. Recognizing the balance between joyous celebrations and personal limitations is crucial during social gatherings.

Relationship Dynamics

Relationship dynamics, especially in complex family structures, can create anxiety. While recognizing the diversity of situations, Ashley emphasizes seeking to honor Christ in every relationship. Valuing the time spent with family and friends during the holidays becomes an opportunity to cherish God’s gifts.

Maintaining Faith Amid Distractions

With distractions aplenty, keeping faith at the center requires intentionality. Ashley recommends spending extra time in prayer, reflecting on God’s blessings, and involving the whole family in Christ-centered activities. The new resource, “Harvesting Gratitude,” provides devotional content and crafts aligning with the theme of gratefulness.

In conclusion, we understand that holidays bring both joys and challenges.

By setting boundaries, seeking support, and staying true to Christian values, women can navigate the holiday season with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Check out our new resource at for additional guidance on maintaining a Christ-centered holiday. If you would like to listen to the full podcast you can find it here.

Wishing you a meaningful and joyful holiday season from our family to yours.

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