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Have you ever felt God calling you to mentorship? Learn more about the life-changing power of authentic mentorship by joining our enriching conversation with Nancy Lindgren, the inspiring author of “Mentoring Made Real: The Power of Authentic Connection” and founder of More Mentoring. Nancy’s journey from a young mother desperate for guidance to a beacon of support through mentorship offers invaluable insights into creating deep, meaningful connections that foster personal and spiritual growth.

Nancy’s story is a testament to the power of vulnerability and transparency in mentoring relationships. In her early years as a young mother, Nancy longed for guidance and support. This desire led her to seek a deeper connection with others, ultimately becoming a mentor herself. Nancy’s journey emphasizes that you don’t need to be an expert to make a meaningful impact; what matters most is your willingness to be open, honest, and present in the lives of others.

For those curious about how to start a mentoring ministry or deepen their existing connections, Nancy shares practical steps and inspiring anecdotes that highlight the simplicity and profound impact of mentorship. Whether it’s one-on-one or in small groups, mentorship rooted in biblical principles can create transformative relationships. One key inspiration is Ephesians 3:20, which speaks to the immeasurable power of God at work within us, a cornerstone in Nancy’s mentoring philosophy.

Nancy introduces the four foundational pillars of mentoring: Love, Listen, Encourage, and a mysterious fourth pillar. These pillars are essential in cultivating a safe and nurturing environment for personal and spiritual growth. The first pillar, Love, is about accepting and loving individuals for who they are, regardless of their differences. This unconditional love mirrors God’s love for us and creates a foundation of trust and acceptance.

The second pillar, Listen, is crucial in a world where people often feel unheard. By offering a listening ear, mentors can provide a space for mentees to process their thoughts and feelings, fostering a sense of being truly understood and valued. Listening is not about giving advice but about being present and attentive, allowing mentees to explore their own solutions.

Encouragement, the third pillar, involves speaking life and truth into mentees, helping them to see their potential and worth. Encouragement can be as simple as acknowledging their strengths and achievements, offering words of affirmation, and reminding them of God’s promises. This pillar is about putting courage into another person, helping them to face challenges with confidence and faith.

The fourth pillar, while not explicitly mentioned in the overview, is hinted at as a crucial element of effective mentorship. This pillar could involve aspects such as accountability, prayer, or shared experiences, all of which contribute to the depth and impact of the mentoring relationship. Prayer, in particular, plays a vital role in Nancy’s mentoring approach. Through collective prayer, mentors and mentees can experience God’s presence and guidance, witnessing miraculous changes and strengthened faith.

Nancy’s ministry, More Mentoring, provides a wealth of resources and support for those interested in mentorship. From open-ended questions to structured conversations, these tools help mentors nurture genuine connections. More Mentoring also offers guides tailored for specific groups, such as teens, men, and non-believers, and even has upcoming projects like a children’s guide. These resources ensure that mentors are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of their mentees.

In addition to resources, More Mentoring emphasizes the importance of mentor training programs and an online community designed to connect and equip mentors globally. These programs offer practical training, support, and opportunities for mentors to learn from each other’s experiences. Nancy also shares her passion for live training and speaking engagements, further spreading the message of mentorship and its life-changing potential.

One of the most compelling aspects of mentorship is its reciprocal nature. As mentors pour into the lives of others, they too experience personal and spiritual growth. Nancy shares that mentoring brings immense joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose. The act of mentoring is not depleting; rather, it is refreshing and life-giving. This mutual growth underscores the biblical principle that those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25).

For those feeling unqualified or inadequate, Nancy offers words of encouragement. She reminds us that our worth and capability as mentors are not based on our own abilities but on God’s greatness. By focusing on the “I Am” rather than our own “I am not,” we can step into mentoring with confidence, knowing that God equips and empowers us.

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Mentoring Made Real - Nancy Lindgren

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