The only hope for our sick souls…

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I know what you may be thinking… Weird title right? But it’s true. Every one of us have sick hearts coated with leprosy. I wrote a devotional on this based on Luke 17:11-17. Jesus spoke to my soul and I wanted to share it with you.

Here is a little section of the devotional I wrote:

“Honestly, all of us have sick souls. Leprosy coats every part of our heart to its core. From the

outside we may look clean and beautiful but truly on the inside we are all rotting away. Sores

cover every inch of our being. Sin has taken over, and rules over our hearts, souls, and minds. God

looks past our physical bodies and sees our disgusting, dark, disfigured nature. He sees our

hearts as they truly are.

And yet… he still wants us. He still reaches out his healing hand. He offers us the only ointment

that can heal us – his grace.

I fear that many of us Christians are just like the 9/10 lepers who were healed and then

continued on with their lives like it was any other day. Leprosy was an INCURABLE DISEASE.

Something that they had to live with for the rest of their lives. They would live tragically sick until

death took over their bodies. They would daily be mocked and looked down upon by their

brothers and sisters. They would forever live alone with no hope for a better day. YET, IN ONE

ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS THEY WERE HEALED FROM THIS. Their destiny went from death to life, brokenness to healing, sickness to health.

That is the same for you and me. We all have an incurable heart condition. There is absolutely no

way to get better on our own. But Jesus has offered to take away that ugly sick heart and place a

new heart within us! If you believe in Jesus Christ then YOU HAVE BEEN HEALED! You are a new

creation now! He has taken away your incurable leprosy!! ….”

Continue reading full devotional here

If you are longing for some extra moments at Jesus’ feet, I really want to encourage you to set aside some time during this holiday season. Pull out your Bible, shut your bedroom door, journal your hurts and pains, and lavishly return glory to God through a thankful heart in prayer. 

You won’t regret one minute of this time you take to grow closer to the Lord. There is nothing more special than encountering Jesus in a whole new way.



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