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In a society that often dictates our worth based on accomplishments and status, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of expectations, losing sight of our intrinsic value in Christ. This podcast episode featuring Becky Beresford, author and speaker, presents an alternative narrative—one of empowerment rooted not in self, but in God.

Becky opens up about her personal struggles with self-reliance and the resulting exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy. Her professional challenges as a writer, coupled with a turbulent time in her marriage, drove her to the brink of despair. However, it was through these adversities that Becky’s transformation began, marked by a shift in reliance—from herself to God. This spiritual realignment brought profound healing, not only within her marriage but in her self-perception as well.

Her story is a testament to the power of surrendering to God’s will. By acknowledging her insufficiency, Becky was able to experience the fullness of God’s sufficiency. Her narrative is interwoven with biblical truths that challenge cultural lies about empowerment and self-sufficiency, revealing a path to genuine liberation through faith.

The episode delves into the notion of finding one’s worth in God’s purpose, as illustrated by a story of Shauna and her transition from a high-powered corporate job to a stay-at-home mom. This pivotal change underscores the idea that identity and fulfillment are not tied to worldly achievements but are found in embracing the roles God has ordained for us. By sharing authentic experiences, the podcast encourages listeners to step out of isolation and into the freedom that comes from living in truth and community.

Moreover, the episode highlights “only God moments”—instances that bring us to the end of our own capabilities and into the realm of divine intervention. Becky’s own “only God moment” is captured in the heartwarming story of her dog Callie’s miraculous return, serving as a vivid illustration of God’s attentiveness to both our significant and seemingly insignificant prayers.

The conversation ultimately centers on the concept of godly confidence, urging listeners to embrace their God-given identity. Emphasizing the importance of community and the celebration of individual gifts, the podcast fosters an environment where true confidence flourishes—not in one’s own strength but in the steadfast love and faithfulness of God.

In conclusion, Becky shares practical advice for daily surrendering to God and discovering Christ-centered empowerment. This episode not only inspires but also equips individuals to live boldly for Jesus, free from the pressures of society.

This podcast episode is a beacon of hope for anyone feeling burdened by the demands of culture. It’s an invitation to explore the depths of empowerment that come from a life surrendered to Christ, finding peace and purpose in the One who calls us His own.

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