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Coffee and Bible Time YouTube Video: Christian Christmas Gift Guide

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Coffee and Bible Time. I’m so happy and blessed that I get to see you today and to share with you guys some of my Christmas favorites for holiday gifts and, you know, it’s that time of year where we all give gifts to each other and it’s just such a wonderful season. All of these gifts, I tried to have them be gifts that stir the heart or grow the heart closer to Jesus and to the Lord, and so these gifts are gifts that you can give to people that are going to help them learn how to study their Bibles, are going to help them get inspired to dive into God’s word, gifts that will encourage them in the faith and just help them grow closer to Jesus. Maybe you’ll want some of these gifts for yourself too, so you can put them on your Christmas list.

This year Taylor and I are going to do another Christmas Bible Study. We have our last Christmas Bible Study for free, I’ll have it linked in the description. We’re going to do another one this year, so it’ll be coming out soon. It’ll be free, so keep your eyes out on that. That’s the reason for Christmas, we want to get our hearts prepared and just fix our eyes on Jesus because that’s what matters, really, is that He came, and He is the greatest gift we’ll ever receive.

So, the first thing I’m going to share with you guys is pretty obvious, but it’s Coffee and Bible Time products. As you know, we have a storefront, and that is how we make most of our living is through our store. We just came out with these Coffee and Bible Time sweatshirts, and usually every year we just come out with a new color, and this year we just decided to do black. I’ll try to get up for you guys. This is a medium on me. I like them a little bit bigger, and so, I love it. We made the logo a little bit smaller, and I just think it’s really cute. It’s super comfy. I’m wearing it with ripped jeans and boots right now. I took a few photos, so I’ll put one in here. I think you guys will like it, and if you want to represent, go check it out on our website. Again, everything will be linked in the description.

Another fun thing that we have with Coffee and Bible Time that we recently came out with are these pencil pouches. They’re huge and they’re super cute. It says Coffee and Bible Time on the front— you can put so much stuff in here. I have all my highlighters and pens in here. I’ll also have a link down below with my favorite highlighters and pens for you guys, so go check those out for Bible reading and for Bible study.

And, obviously too, if you guys remember, these two go together, this is just like our Coffee and Bible Time tote bag—super cute. I carry my Bible, my pencil case, and everything for school or for church. I love this little duo, it’s amazing.

Two other things that are on our website that we talk about all the time are our Coffee and Bible Time Prayer Journal, so it just looks like this. I will have a link down below of videos of me using it so you guys can see more about it, but it’s amazing. I love this prayer journal so much. And, then we also have a little smaller version of our Prayer Binder, it’s not the exact same thing, but it’s just smaller, more simple and muted tones, like this one’s very bright and girly, this one’s just simpler. It has, like the gray carpet-type feeling, and yeah, I love this too! I put pictures in here, love both of these so much.

The last thing I want to tell you about with Coffee and Bible Time is our printables. I’ve always done these printables with you guys, so I just have right here, an example of the printable when you print it out at home. I love having the printables. These are always half off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so what these are, is just Bible Studies you can print off at home, and even if you don’t have a printer, you can just download it onto your computer or onto your phone and you can do the Bible Study on there. I just have a bunch of these resources for you guys for those who want to get into Bible Study. They’re super cheap during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The next thing I want to show you guys is my Bible. I get so many comments on this. It is the Journaling Bible, and it’s the ESV Edition. This is leather, by the way, you guys it is massively huge for those of you that can’t really tell on video how big it is, but what I love about it is that for every page there’s a blank page, and so I take my school notes in here, I take my Bible notes in here. But I wanted you guys to see that usually there’s a tie that goes around it, but I have it off right now just so I can have easy access. But yeah, I love this Bible so much, I wanted you guys to have the opportunity to take a look at it. If you want to learn more, it’s linked in the description.

Then another great gift idea is just a simple journal. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find this journal, but I’ll look for it, but I love just having a journal to journal my prayers and to journal my thoughts and what I’m going through. I think a journal is a great gift for somebody else especially if you don’t know them very well. I mean it’s just a very universal gift, and so I’ll have linked in the description a bunch of journals that I love.

Another gift idea, which I love are these Bibles by Alabaster Co. I just think it makes it fun visually. I love reading the Bible with pictures and so that’s what they do with, beautiful photography pictures, and it has Scripture in here and so this one is Psalms. Beautiful. This one is Luke. They have every book of the Bible, and also, they’re just something that are really cute that you can put on your coffee table, you can give as a gift to a friend, and so these are just super cute. I know we had these in last year’s gift guide as well, but I just think they’re solid and should be mentioned again.

Okay, the next gift guide idea I have for you guys is books. If you have friends that you know love reading or even Christian friends who love reading Christian books, I would highly recommend a bunch of different books that I will have linked in the description.

My favorite book is The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. It looks crazy because I’ve read it so many times, and this actually has three books in one. Three different A.W. Tozer books are in here. I’ll have this linked in the description, but my favorite book is by A.W. Tozer— Pursuit of God, besides the Bible, of course, so if you want to get this book for Christmas, you totally can. I’ll have it linked in the description, and I’ll also have other books that I really love, like Christian books that help you grow closer to Jesus and learn how to study your Bible, things like that, I’ll have linked in the description, as well,

So, the next thing I want to shout out is Bold 3 Coffee. If you guys have been around, you know we shout them out a lot, but we love their coffee, specifically because it’s amazing! So, this is Colombian, Ethiopian, Nicaraguan and Sumatra blend, medium roast, whole bean, and it’s just really good coffee— like really good. But not only that, it’s a Christian company, small business, and they give a lot of their proceeds to, I would say go look at their website, because I’m not exactly sure, but they give a lot of their proceeds away to different organizations, so that’s one thing I love about this coffee, oh my gosh I love it!

Okay, so the next one is these big, massive The Bible Study books. They’re huge, they’re massive and actually, these aren’t mine, and I’ve never done them but, I’ve looked through them pretty thoroughly, and they look amazing. My friend actually brought these over to my house and accidentally left them here, so I have to give them back to her, but I thought that since she left them here, I’d show you guys them in the video. Really great way to start reading your Bible and to just get into the word. I would highly recommend these as well, especially for newer believers. If you want to just get into the Word, these are great.

Next thing I’m going to show you. This is really, really cool, and I can’t wait to look at this more, but this is called the Abide Bible and it looks like this. It’s super cute, but what I love about it is that the Bible is specifically meant to do prompts with you to abide with Jesus, and so, it’s a normal Bible, but within it there’s going to be prompts throughout the whole thing that make you pause when you’re doing your Bible study, and they’ll help you learn how to pray Scripture, how to picture it so you put yourself in the biblical narrative. Journaling— so they give you journal prompts in this Bible, they have engaged through art prompts, and so that’s one thing that I love, so this page is Proverbs 31, and it says, engage through art and it talks about this artist and how you can engage with this Scripture through art, which is like my favorite thing ever, and then they also have prompts for contemplation, and it’s amazing you guys, like I love this Bible specifically for your quiet times to help you just dive deeper into God’s word, and to really abide with Jesus. That’s why it’s called The Abide Bible, so I would highly, highly, highly recommend this.

Okay, so the next one is from this company called Pink Salt Riot— so stinking cute you guys, and what they do is they have these really cute bandanas and it has Scripture on it. I know you can’t tell right now, but I would really encourage you guys to go check them out. Look at the link in the description, and just super, super cute bandanas. They have this bandana, and then they have another pink bandana, and it has scripture on it. I could see this like if you’re a small group leader, you could get these for your small group girls, and it would be so cute. This is the pink one you could get them like as a gift for your daughters or for your friends or for your small group, they’re so cute like even like if you wore in your hair, it’s like a little tie or around your neck, it’s so cute!

The next company that we’re going to be talking about right now in the cute little books is called Faithful First. They’re these cute little journals, and what they do is help you really organize your goals in your life in a Christian perspective. Essentially what it is, is an amazing calendar to help you just keep track of your goals and just organizing them. I would highly recommend Faithful First.

If you’ve made it this long, I’m so proud of you!

The next company I want to talk about, and we talk about them a lot, is Dayspring. We have their Illustrating Bible that I’ve used for so long for the Psalms, so this just goes through the Psalms, and I love it because I can just highlight, study, it’s just this amazingly, massive Bible to take notes, to do art and pictures.

So there’s that, and then they also have a big, big, big one, it’s called their Illustrating Bible, it’s huge, it’s heavy, it’s for the purpose of doing art in your Bible, studying your Bible in depth, and then they also came out with this new Bible recently, it’s called Hope and Encouragement Bible, which looks like this— navy blue with a beautiful little sunrise on the top, but what I love about this Bible is that throughout it will pause to give you encouragement and just to remind you of truth like this little encouragement says, you are not alone sometimes life is hard to understand we face challenges and obstacles yet we can trust that nothing is a surprise to God. And then it keeps going and it has room for journaling, and actually the whole Bible has room for journaling in it, so this is a beautiful Bible and would help encourage you.

They also have other resources for encouraging you, so we’ll have them linked in the description and just to help you with your Bible study time.

And the last company that I am a huge fan of is, The Daily Grace Co. They just have a bunch of amazing Bible studies. I highly recommend their Bible studies and also their resources are phenomenal for Bible study, so go check them out. I’ll have them linked in the description.

I think for this video that is all I’m going put in there because that’s a lot of stuff you guys! And I know that’s very overwhelming, probably, but I hope that this video encouraged you and gave you good ideas for Christmas, and I hope you have an amazing, amazing, amazing Christmas season.

I love you so much you guys, and I will see you soon. Also, I wanted to do a quick shout out that me and Taylor are going to attempt to do Vlogmas on our vlog channel, Coffee Girls. Honestly guys, go check out Coffee Girls. I think you would love it. It’s our daily lives just vlogged. It’s the real, raw us, and so I think you will really enjoy that.

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